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    Project 13a: Preparing the New Building....  Project 13b: The New Farmhouse....  Project 13c: The New Barn

Project 13b: The New Farmhouse
Plans...   The Modular arrives--first floor...   second floor...   attic...   garage...
Farmhouse, Page Two

Before I decided to move the barn and the Cape, I had hired three architectural designers in a row. The first two were low integrity--charged for services that we had not agreed to--and the third was good, but also from  out-of-state, so we had trouble coordinating our schedules.

The fourth, like in the Three Bears (Four Bears) story, was JUST RIGHT! Dennis is talented, creative and lots of fun to work with. After having successfully worked through the Cape renovation designs, we turned our attention to the possibilities of the NEW BUILDING!! We went through lots of sketches.....


And here Dennis is with our first good shot at plans for the new main house.

But alas, the plan was too complicated, the square footage too high and too expensive. So we started over again. And came up with just the right solution.

First, the Farmhouse, First Floor

The Farmhouse, the main building, is composed of four modular boxes. They were due to arrive at the end of February, 2008. They actually arrived three months later, May 28, 2008. The process was amazing. Great cranes raised slender cables which can each carry 10,000 pounds.

Next, the Second Floor of the Farmhouse

The Attic
Finally, the attic panels arrived to finish off the modular farmhouse.

For several weeks, as the farmhouse attic panels were installed, there were two crews on site--the modular farmhouse carpenters and the panel barn carpenters. Both were good crews and got along very well.

Finally, three months late, the modular farmhouse had all pieces tacked together!!
And it was time to finish the garage.

The Garage
The attached garage was 'stick built' on the road side of the farmhouse.

While all this commotion goes on around it, the garden shed remains wistfully historic and beautiful.

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